Explanation of vote on Threats to international peace and security

Explanation of vote by Representative of Slovenia to the UN Security Council Ambassador Samuel Žbogar at the meeting on Threats to international peace and security

Thank you very much, Madam President,

Slovenia regrets the situation in which we find ourselves today. When Slovenia joined the Security Council, we had a clear goal in mind: To contribute to building trust in order to secure a better future for all.

Proposals such as the one at hand do not contribute to building trust but rather seek to divide and politicize this body. And this will not lead us towards a more secure future.

For this reason, Slovenia decided to abstain on the question on whether the meeting should be held.

25 years ago, Slovenia was a member of the Security Council with a war raging in its immediate neighborhood in the Western Balkans. What we remember is immense suffering and killing of civilians, masses of refugees. We remember war.

We recall Council’s inability to act when needed. We remember failed peace initiatives and we remember the fear of reoccurrence of ethnic cleansing. 

Former Yugoslavia dissolved into devastating wars. Each of its nations went through difficult ordeals, some more tragic than others, but it was a painful period for each and every one.

Three decades later the wounds are healing but they still hurt. We don’t see value in reopening them.

The countries don’t have a common narrative about the history of wars  on the territory of former Yugoslavia.

All countries however agree on their common future, which is to join the European Union and its peace project.

We appeal on the Russian Federation and all other members of the Security Council to remain focused on the main role of this body, which lies in maintaining international peace and security.

As we witnessed just this morning, the Council is the strongest when united. We believe more efforts should be made in this regard.

Thank you.

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