Statement on Kosovo

Statement by the Republic of Slovenia at the UN Security Council Meeting called by Serbia on Kosovo

Madam President,

We thank SRSG and the Head of UNMIK, Caroline Ziadeh, for her briefing. We also extend our gratitude to the President of Serbia, H.E. Aleksandar Vučić, and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, H.E. Albin Kurti, for their statements.

Slovenia is strongly committed to strengthening security and stability in the Western Balkans. Let me voice our position on the subject matter in the following points:

First, both sides need to continue their commitment to the EU-facilitated Dialogue and the normalization of their relations under the auspices of the EU. We believe that both Serbia and Kosovo have a place in the European Union. Our support for their aspirations for European integration remains unwavering. At the same time, we wish to stress that progress in this dialogue and the normalization of relations is essential if they still aspire to join the EU.

Second, we take note of the regulation by the Central Bank of Kosovo, aimed at enhancing financial transparency and combating money laundering. In this regard, we express concern about the potential impact on financial support to Kosovo Serbs from Serbia. We would advise the Kosovo government to inform and consult Kosovo Serbs about the decisions that affect their lives in advance of making such decisions.

We appreciate recent discussions with Belgrade and Pristina within the EU-facilitated Dialogue on this matter. Additionally, we take note of Kosovo’s recent decision to allow for a transitional period and to ensure that the opening of new accounts in Euro currency will be free of charge. Kosovo should provide all necessary information and support to ensure a smooth transition. Furthermore, we call on both sides to refrain from any unilateral action that may impede the ongoing efforts towards the normalization of relations.

Third, some concerns remain with the slow progress of the report on the attack in Banjska last September. Perpetrators must be held accountable. We underscore that violence against KFOR personnel is unacceptable. Strengthening independent judiciary and rule-of-law institutions is crucial for ensuring accountability.

Madam President,

Serbia and Kosovo can work together. We commend their recent agreement on the mutual recognition of vehicle license plates and encourage both sides to take further positive steps.

We acknowledge the complexities of the situation in the north of Kosovo, the existing challenges, and tensions. In times of tensions, it is imperative for both parties to step back, foster trust, and engage through diplomatic means toward reconciliation and peace. The implementation of existing commitments must be swift and without preconditions.

In conclusion, Mme. President, we call on Belgrade and Priština to implement the “Agreement on the Path to Normalization between Kosovo and Serbia” and its “Implementation Annex.” This action will be the most productive pathway forward for the well-being of all populations in parties involved. Finally, I express our gratitude for the work carried out by UNMIK and KFOR.

I thank you.

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