Bosnia and Herzegovina’s place is in the EU

Today, the UN Security Council convened a briefing on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The meeting was called by the Russian Federation following a one-sided and bias letter sent to the Council members by Željka Cvijanović, the Serb member of the rotating tripartite Presidency of BiH.

At the briefing Slovenia advocated for the EU perspective of BiH, cautioning against providing a platform to alternative, politically biased narratives that only exacerbate divisions within the country.

“We better focus on upholding the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement of 1995, that remains the cornerstone of peace and the post-war institutional framework of BiH, and supporting international mechanisms deriving from it. That also means full support for the work and the assessment of the High Representative, mandated by the Peace Agreement,” said Ambassador Samuel Žbogar in the Council’s Chamber.

For the future of BiH and its people, EU membership is crucial. “Slovenia believes people in BiH deserve to live and prosper in the Union built on peace, democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights,” added the Ambassador.

Slovenia reaffirmed its commitments to supporting BiH on its path to the European Union and welcomed the consensus in BiH on this regard. As Ambassador Žbogar highlighted, joining the EU is a guarantee for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s long-term stability, peace and development.

Concluding, Slovenia called on all BiH leaders to engage constructively and advance EU reforms.

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