By respecting international law, working on conflict prevention, advocating for transparency and promoting the women, peace and security agenda.


By focusing on climate and security, water diplomacy, food security and children in armed conflict.

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Statement on Multilateral Cooperation

16 July 2024 – Statement by Representative of Slovenia to the UN Security Council Ambassador Samuel ลฝbogar at the UNSC Briefing on Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Multilateral cooperation in the interest of a more just, democratic and sustainable world order



Conflict prevention

Conflict Prevention

  • Slovenia will draw attention to gross and systematic human rights violations and abuses that could lead to the outbreak of armed conflict.
  • It will advocate the strengthening and timely adoption of preventive diplomacy measures, including mediation.
  • It will promote enhanced cooperation with regional organisations, relevant UN bodies and organs and civil society.

Protecting Population
in Armed Conflicts

  • Slovenia will call for full respect for and implementation of international humanitarian law, with a focus on the protection of water resources and water infrastructure.
  • It will support the functioning of international courts, international criminal tribunals and other mechanisms to ensure accountability and prosecute those responsible for international crimes.
  • It will support the work of humanitarian organisations, including in sanctioned areas.
Protecting population
Women, peace and security

Women, Peace
and Security

  • Slovenia will advocate the full, equal and effective participation of women in conflict prevention and resolution processes and in efforts for lasting peace.
  • It will seek ways for the UNSC to more effectively address and ensure accountability for conflict-related sexual violence.
  • It will promote the participation of women in the work of the UNSC.

Climate, Peace
and Security

  • Slovenia will be mindful to ensure that the risks associated with the effects of climate change, environmental degradation, food security and water security are taken into account when analysing and anticipating threats.
  • It will advocate the systematic mainstreaming of climate, environment and water into the UNSC's activities aimed at conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding.
  • It will integrate climate, environment and water with other membership priorities.
Climate, peace and security
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Slovenia in
the United Nations

Slovenia became a member of the United Nations on 22 May 1992. This marked the end of the process of independence and Slovenia emerged as a sovereign, independent and internationally recognised country. Accession to the United Nations was a great diplomatic success and, to mark the occasion, 22 May was declared Slovenian Diplomacy Day. 


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