Slovenia disappointed over latest failed attempt by UNSC on Gaza

This morning, the United Nations Security Council voted on a US draft resolution regarding the situation in Gaza. Slovenia voted in favour of the resolution and deeply regrets that vetoes were cast.

A month after the Council’s last vote, another resolution on Gaza has failed to pass. “We voted for the resolution because the killing and starving of civilians in Gaza must stop, and the suffering of hostages and their families must end. We voted in favour of the resolution because we believe it is imperative for the Security Council to send a clear message that the situation in Gaza is unacceptable,” stressed Ambassador Samuel Žbogar in an explanation of vote.

While the draft resolution put before the Council did not include all the elements that we would have wanted, it provided us an opportunity to express ourselves on a number of particularly concerning aspects of the crisis in Gaza.

Slovenia thanked the leaders of the US, Qatar and Egypt for their efforts on the ground. We are convinced that “a strong signal of support from the Council to the negotiations on the ground could provide an important impetus to the process, and bring us closer to lasting peace.”

We reiterated our call for full respect of international law, including international humanitarian law and human rights law, of the provisional measures of the International Court of Justice and the Council’s resolutions 2712 and 2720.

As concluded by the Ambassador, “Slovenia will continue its engagement with all Council members to find a united voice from the Council.”

Read our explanation of vote here.

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