Statement on peace and security of Ukraine

Statement by H.E. Ms Tanja Fajon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia at the UN Security Council briefing on the Maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine

Thank you, Madam President.

I would also like to thank the Secretary General for his as always lucid, frank and insightful briefing.

Madam President,

It has been two years of death and destruction for Ukraine and its people. Two years of international humanitarian law violations. Two years of human rights violations. Two years of aggression. To add to this grim picture, this week also marks ten years since the illegal annexation of Crimea.

While being aware of repetitiveness, I want to seize the opportunity of sitting in this chamber, representing a UN Security Council member to condemn once again the Russian aggression against Ukraine in blatant violation of the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act on inviolability of borders in Europe. Slovenia expresses full support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

While Ukraine has been attacked with artillery shells, drones and ballistic missiles, the rest of the world has been attacked with narratives. Particularly on how this war started and why it was inevitable to start.

Let me provide you with our own perspective. A perspective of a country, committed to peace and peaceful settlement of international disputes. A perspective from the Security Council member from the region that is being destabilized by the war.

My country believes that Russia is displaying a complete disregard for the UN Charter. Just as it is displaying a complete disregard for the vast corpus of international law and key agreements that provided for European and international stability and security. It is resulting in lives being lost, families being torn apart and infrastructure being destroyed.

And there is no alternative story that can be told. No compelling additional narrative to be shared. Just a story of death and destruction.

Regardless of our vicinity, we did not see this war coming. To be more exact, we refused to believe that it was coming, that a major war on our doorstep was possible. A war which would so blatantly violate borders of a sovereign State, destabilizing the whole region and changing the global geopolitical landscape.

Yet, two years into this senseless war, we are not accepting it and are most definitely not accepting the demands of the occupying Russian forces. We are not tired of calling this aggression out and of demanding it to stop. We will spare no effort in pursuing full accountability for the long list of atrocities and other international crimes.

Madam President,

Slovenia applauds Ukrainian nation for its bravery and resolute defence of their motherland. We share their vision of a just, lasting and sustainable peace, and we join in the collective efforts in this regard.

Such peace is worth believing in and acting on, and we will continue to stand by Ukraine until we reach that point.

Thank you, Madam President.

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