Statement on the attack on Iranian diplomatic premises in Damascus

Statement by Representative of Slovenia to the UN Security Council Ambassador Samuel Žbogar at the briefing on the Threats to international peace and security

Thank you very much, Madam President.

I also want to thank you, congratulate you on assuming the presidency and I want to thank Japan for leading us through the month of March.

I thank Assistant Secretary-General Khiari for his briefing. I would like to express our deepest concern over the new developments in the Middle East including the recent attack on diplomatic premises of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus on 1 April, resulting in several casualties. We condemn the attacks on diplomatic premises that are unacceptable and unjustifiable.

I would like make three points in that regard.

Firstly, Slovenia is profoundly concerned over the escalation and spill over effects across the region. Current devastating situation in Gaza has already had a strong impact on the situation along the Blue Line and in the Red Sea. We continue to see other extremely concerning incidents in the region, including the one in Damascus yesterday. We strongly believe that tensions need to be reduced and the situation needs to be deescalated. We appeal on all parties to show restraint. We call for the compliance with the Security Council resolution 2728. A ceasefire in Gaza would ease tensions across the region.

Secondly, all UN Member States have an obligation to respect and act in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and especially its Article 2 on settling international disputes by peaceful means and on refraining from use of force.

There is no room for arbitrary interpretations. The same standards apply to all member states of the United Nations. We call on all to show restraint in the use of proxies, which could further fuel or provoke regional tensions. We are concerned over the escalatory rhetoric by different countries and actors, and we caution that any miscalculation could lead to unimaginable consequences.

Thirdly, we call on all parties to respect international law. We remind that all military activities should be carried out in accordance with international law, including international humanitarian law. We underline that all the parties’ concerned need to fully comply with the international law governing diplomatic and consular relations.

Madam President,

It should be in no one’s interest to have further dangerous escalation in the Middle East. Any of the geographically separated but ultimately intertwined crises could take on a life of their own. People of the region have suffered enough, and this includes people in Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere. We should all place their interest first – and this is why it is crucial for this Council to send a clear call for restraint by all starting with compliance with resolution 2728 demanding a ceasefire.

Slovenia stands ready to engage in a comprehensive response to the crisis. We underline the need for unity of the Council to maintain international law, peace and security.

Thank you.

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