With humanitarian workers under attack and no ceasefire in place, Slovenia calls for another UN SC meeting on Gaza

Today, Slovenia together with Algeria, Guyana and Switzerland called for a UN Security Council meeting to amplify the plight of starving children and the key role that humanitarian workers play in the current situation in Gaza. Slovenia condemned all attacks on humanitarian, medical and UN personnel in Gaza and called for accountability. In addition, it stressed that conflict induced and man-made famine across the Gaza strip could be prevented.

“Colleagues, there are 15 of us around this table in the Security Council, 15 of us with a responsibility to protect civilians in Gaza.

Were we meeting in the north of Gaza today, all 15 of us would be skipping meals in the past months.

10 of us would go entire days and nights without eating.

Half of us would be in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Finally, at least 5 of us, would be parents to severely acutely malnourished children – life-threatening and with life-long consequences,” emphasized Ambassador Samuel Žbogar in his opening remarks.

Gaza is facing an unprecedented food insecurity crisis that is teetering on the edge of famine. Waiting for a famine declaration will change nothing on the ground, but we know what will: an immediate ceasefire.

“Full, safe, secure and unhindered humanitarian access, in particular through land, to provide safe, nutritious and sufficient food, water and medicines will. The restoration of health, water and sanitation services and energy provision will. Adequate shelters for civilians will,” added the Ambassador while calling on Israel to fully comply with the ICJ provisional measures of 26 January and 28 March.

For the aid to reach people, we need humanitarian workers that must be able to fulfill their calling without constant fear. As humanitarian workers must be granted safety, security, necessary equipment and support, Slovenia reiterated its call for full respect of international law, including international humanitarian law and human rights law.

Ambassador Žbogar echoed that nothing in this war happens by chance. The conduct of this war and the disrespect of international humanitarian law is a choice. As well as the consequences of this war with unprecedented deaths and children too weak to cry cannot be but a choice.

Concluding, Slovenia highlighted that three Security Council resolutions have been adopted on the situation in Gaza, the latest one 2728 tabled by the E10 on 25 March calling for an immediate ceasefire leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire.

Read the full statement here.

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