Children should be spared from exploitation, harm and violence

Today, the UN Security Council convened for the annual open debate on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC). The Secretary-General’s annual report on children and armed conflict once again shows negative trends of grave violations and abuses against children. Slovenia underlined that there should be an end to impunity and zero tolerance for violations of international law.

The Secretary-General’s report covers the six grave violations affecting children in armed conflict: child recruitment and use; killing and maiming; abductions; rape and other forms of sexual violence; attacks on schools and hospitals; and the denial of humanitarian access. In the latest report for 2023, “the United Nations verified an appalling 32,990 grave violations against 22,557 children. This is the highest number of annual violations in almost ten years,” emphasized Special Representative of the Secretary-General for CAAC Virginia Gamba in her briefing. 

“Reaching the highest numbers of violations ever recorded, should sound an alarm on the erosion of respect for international law,” said Ambassador Žbogar, vowing that – among others – situations in Sudan, the State of Palestine and Israel, Haiti, Myanmar, Ukraine and Afghanistan require immediate attention.

In his statement, the Ambassador briefly touched on two grave violations. First, on denying children access to humanitarian assistance. “This is particularly cruel and inhumane,” he stressed and underscored that rapid, safe and unimpeded humanitarian delivery must be guaranteed at all times and without a delay.

Second, on attacks on schools and hospitals that are prohibited by international humanitarian law. Given schools and hospitals should be nurtured as safe havens for children, the Slovenian Ambassador emphasized that they must be protected from military use and attacks.

In concluding, Slovenia expressed steadfast support for the CAAC agenda. Prevention of human rights violations and abuses against children is of paramount importance and perpetrators must be held accountable.

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