Explanation of vote on a UN SC resolution renewing UNAMA’s mandate

Explanation of vote by the Republic of Slovenia at the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan, voting on a draft resolution renewing UNAMA’s mandate

Thank you very much Mr President.

Slovenia welcomes the unanimous adoption of the resolution and thanks the penholder Japan for their efforts and all the Council members for their constructive engagement.

We welcome that the unity of the Council on such an important topic was attained once again.

Slovenia voted in favor of this resolution because we believe UNAMA’s mandate must remain comprehensive – support the path towards the inclusive transition and prosperous, democratic future of Afghanistan, and Afghan people, bringing stability, prosperity and sustainable peace. 

With the unanimous extension of UNAMA’s mandate, the Council reaffirmed its support for the UN’s work in Afghanistan. It is sending an important signal of the international community to Afghan people that we remain committed to protect and stand up for their human rights and to ensure much needed humanitarian assistance.

We welcome and commend UNAMA for all the activities it has been consistently undertaking in implementing its mandate. We particularly stress the importance of UNAMA’s work in the fields of human rights, humanitarian assistance and continued political dialogue with the Taliban.

Mr President,

The situation in Afghanistan remains deeply alarming, particularly when it comes to human rights, the dire humanitarian and fragile economic situation, as well as the challenging security threats. All have a devastating impact on the people of Afghanistan. We remain deeply concerned about the policies and practices, put in force by the Taliban, that restrict the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms of women and girls. We regret that the Council’s members were not able to reflect this in the resolution. Therefore, we once again call on Taliban once again to respect and fulfill Afghanistan’s obligations pursuant to the binding human rights treaties.

We remain committed to the people of Afghanistan and reaffirm our solidarity with them. We will continue advocating for human rights for everyone.

I thank you.

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