Explanation of vote on the UN Security Council resolution on the situation in Gaza

Explanation of vote by Representative of Slovenia to the UN Security Council Ambassador Samuel Žbogar on the UN Security Council resolution on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question

Thank you very much Madam President,

We voted for the resolution because the killing of civilians in Gaza must stop. 

The suffering that Palestinians are enduring is beyond anything a human being should be subjected to.

A possible Israeli ground offensive in Rafah would have unimaginable humanitarian consequences. It would push us on a path of no return. It is our duty to react before we wake up in a nightmare.

And that’s why we are convinced it is high time for the Council to pull a brake.

Let me emphasize once again that Slovenia condemns the horrific terrorist attack by Hamas on 7 October as well as their continuing attacks on Israel. We continue to call for the immediate and safe release of all hostages. We feel the pain of their relatives and loved ones.

We thank the leaders of Egypt, Qatar and US for their tireless efforts, and we hope that the negotiations they are facilitating will soon bring peace to Gaza and return the hostages home safely.

However, it is the responsibility of this Council to maintain international peace and security. We believe that everyone can and should contribute their piece of the puzzle that will eventually bring peace.

We believe in the complementarity of all efforts: bilateral, regional or those of the Council.

The Council’s role is important and it is indispensable in order to end hostilities, to bring hostages home, to rapidly and safely deliver humanitarian assistance and to draft a day after roadmap.

Lastly, the Council has a responsibility towards the international community. Its expectations have been clearly expressed through a General Assembly resolution with the overwhelming support of Member States.

It has been clearly manifested by citizens across the globe. Their voices are loud and clear: The war needs to stop. The Security Council needs to hear these voices of global consciousness and respond to their demands and pleas.

And it all starts with a call for a ceasefire, to end hostilities, to bring hostages home, to bring water and food to starving Palestinians and to silence and clear the skies over Gaza and Israel. A call addressed to both sides, Israel and Hamas.

It is our firm belief that Algeria proposed a balanced text, calling for respect of international humanitarian law and human rights law, addressing all violations committing by both sides of the conflict and calling for accountability for those violations. It is putting protection of civilians as a civilized norm in in the center of our action.

We therefore deeply regret that the Council was not able to pass this resolution, which we supported strongly. 

But we can not give up. It is our responsibility to continue working towards a consensus in this body for peace in the Middle East.

Thank you.

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