Gaza: UN Security Council must unite to stop the war

Following a request from Slovenia and Algeria, the UN Security Council held a briefing to discuss the situation in Rafah, southern Gaza. Slovenia strongly condemned the start of IDF’s operations in Rafah and reiterated its call for a ceasefire and the unconditional release of all hostages.

In recent weeks, all Council members have been united in rejecting the possibility of a ground incursion into Rafah, but their desperate calls and urgent appeals have gone unanswered. “We are deeply concerned that the calls of all members of the Security Council, in addition to the calls of global public and the ICJ ruling, are being ignored by Israeli leaders,” stressed Ambassador Samuel Žbogar.

Today we see that new evacuation orders are being issued, Israel announcing an intensification of its operation in Rafah and that there are no safe areas left in Gaza. We are appalled by the daily deterioration of the already catastrophic humanitarian situation and by the threat of famine. Slovenia called for an immediate end to the military operation in Rafah.

As Ambassador Žbogar said, 1.7 million people have fled since 13 October, when the first evacuation order was issued in Gaza. Many have been forced to flee several times, and thousands have never reached safety. Žbogar expressed deep regret at the heavy loss of civilian lives and condemned the forced displacement of people.

“We reiterate our call for full respect for international law, including international humanitarian law and human rights law. The provisional orders of the ICJ and the resolutions of the Security Council must be respected,” underlined the Ambassador, referring to Council Resolution 2728, which has not been respected by either Hamas or Israel.

Finally, Slovenia called for accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Accountability is key to preventing atrocities and ensuring peace.

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