Joint Press Stakeout on the recent Houthi detentions of UN, diplomatic and NGO staff

This morning, the Security Council discussed the situation in Yemen. Slovenia joined the United Kingdom and 38 other UN Member States in a press stakeout in advance of this discussion, demanding the immediate and unconditional release of UN, diplomatic and NGO staff detained by the Houthis, following the recent disturbing and unprecedented spate of detentions.

The following is the joint statement, delivered by the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN on behalf of the group:

“We strongly condemn the latest detentions by the Houthis, since 7 June, of United Nations personnel and staff working for or having previously worked for international and national non-governmental organizations and diplomatic missions.

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of all those detained and urge the Houthis to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian and United Nations personnel.

We are gravely concerned at the significant and rapid deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen and underline that unimpeded access to civilian populations by humanitarian actors is essential.

We are also deeply concerned at the risk to delivery of essential humanitarian assistance and reiterate our call for parties to respect international humanitarian law with regard to the safe, rapid and unimpeded access for all humanitarian actors to ensure assistance can reach the most vulnerable in Yemen.

We reaffirm our strong commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen, and our commitment to stand by the people of Yemen.”

Humanitarian workers carry out lifesaving work on the ground in Yemen and in conflict zones across the world. Slovenia calls for international humanitarian law to be respected by all and believes that the Security Council should react consistently and firmly to these incidents. 

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