Our support for Ukraine is unwavering

At the briefing of the United Nations Security Council on threats to international peace and security, Slovenia emphasized its deep concerns over military cooperation between Russian Federation and DPRK, as well as Russia’s import of DPRK ballistic missiles.

A young girl stands and is covered by the national flag of Ukraine against the backdrop of a bombed-out school. Blue and yellow colors. War in Ukraine.
Slovenia strongly condemns Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine / Author: Depositphotos/Iama Sing

As these actions represent serious violations of multiple UN Security Council’s resolutions they should be further addressed.

In his statement, Ambassador Žbogar stressed that a number of countries, including Slovenia, “are responding to the request for help from Ukraine with one sole purpose: helping Ukraine to protect its citizens and to defend itself on its own territory in accordance with the right of self-defense.” Our support for Ukraine remains strong and unwavering.

We are looking forward to the day when Russian Federation withdraws its troops; peace returns to Ukraine and the two neighbors co-exist peacefully.

See full statement at: Statement on strong support for Ukraine

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