Stabilizing security is key to addressing Haiti’s protracted crisis

At today’s UN Security Council briefing on Haiti, Slovenia reiterated our serious concern over the deteriorating security situation, marked by extreme violence from armed gangs against civilians, police units, and infrastructure. Slovenia remains committed to addressing the needs of the population and has been contributing humanitarian aid to this end. 

“We are appalled by the continued systematic use of sexual violence, notably against women and girls, to consolidate control over the population,” stressed Deputy Permanent Representative Ondina Blokar Drobič in her statement in the Security Council Chamber.

In aiming to address the alarming situation in Haiti, she warned of the recruitment and exploitation of children by gangs. “If this persists, Haiti is at risk of losing generations of youth,” she added. Criminal justice, correctional systems, and the fight against corruption must be strengthened and improved, and we encourage the authorities to continue with efforts in this regard. The illicit traffic of weapons is also exacerbating the alarming trend of escalating violence.

The humanitarian situation in the country remains dire, and humanitarian access is constrained. Persistent food insecurity and the impacts of climate change contribute to Haiti’s multidimensional crisis.

In this regard, Slovenia echoes the call of the Secretary-General to urgently increase support for humanitarian responses in this country.

As pointed out in our position, “no sustained progress is possible without political prospects.” This is why Slovenia will continue to encourage all stakeholders to carry on with the inter-Haitian dialogue with the aim of leading to credible, participatory and fair elections.

Read the full statement here.

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