Statement on the situation in Afghanistan

Statement by Representative of Slovenia to the UN Security Council Ambassador Samuel Žbogar at the briefing on the situation in Afghanistan

Thank you Mr. President.

I’d also like to thank Special Representative Otunbayeva, director Doughten and Ms. Manizha Wafeq for their briefing, for their remarks, and for their messages.

Let me begin by commending UNAMA for the activities it has undertaken in the latest reporting period. UNAMA’s presence in Afghanistan remains crucial, particularly its work on human rights, humanitarian assistance and continued political dialogue with the Taliban.

While Afghanistan continues to face a wide range of challenges, I would like to focus on the following three points:

First, Afghanistan’s vulnerability to climate change has severe humanitarian impact.

Afghanistan is experiencing recurring climate-related extreme weather events and natural disasters, whereas its level of response preparedness remains low.

Such conditions are only worsening the dire situation in the country and directly affect people’s livelihood, health, food and water security.

As per comprehensive risk analysis conducted by UNAMA, pressure around scarce natural resources prompts local competition and elevates risks for already marginalized communities, including minorities, IDPs, women and girls. Inclusive and effective drought and floods early warning systems should be a top priority in any mitigation efforts and in humanitarian assistance programs.

Second. The dire human rights situation.

The plight of Afghan women and girls is the starkest example of ongoing repression. I believe that this Council is united in rejecting restrictive policies that prevent the people in Afghanistan from enjoying their human rights. And that we all demand that such policies are rescinded and I believe that we will share Ms. Wafeq’s call to restore Afghan women and girls’ rights and dignity.

The systematic human rights violations have a direct impact on the security situation.

Third. The way forward.

Slovenia supports the UN-led processes and the centrality and long-term engagement of the UN. The upcoming Doha 3 meeting can be an opportunity to start making progress. We agree that the scope of the UN approach could be cautiously widened, with a view of having attainable impact on the ground. Women should have a voice in these processes, as well as a central place in any intra-Afghan dialogs as their fate represents Afghanistan’s future.

Mr. President, colleagues, my country supports a coherent and structured engagement on Afghanistan. Approach that is helping Afghan people, one that brings stability, security, prosperity and sustainable peace. One that includes women and listens to the voices of the civil society. And one that understands Afghanistan’s requirement to respect its international obligations. We say this in a sincere desire to help all Afghans on the road to prosperity and inclusive future development of the country.

Thank you.

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