Statement on the situation in Ukraine

Statement by Political Coordinator of Slovenia to the United Nations Klemen Ponikvar at the briefing on the threats to international peace and security, called by the Russian Federation

Mr. President,

I wish to thank the briefers for their presentations.

Mr. President,

Let me make a couple of points also on behalf of my delegation:

Firstly. Slovenia supports Ukraine in its fight against aggression and it will continue to do so until Russia withdraws its troops. Our aid to Ukraine is delivered in order to support a country defending itself in line with Article 51 of the UN Charter.

It is worth pointing out that while our support to Ukraine is in line with the applicable international and national legal frameworks, there is ample evidence to suggest that Russia is procuring arms illegally from the DPRK. This has far-reaching consequences and has a potential destabilising effect around the globe.

Secondly. Listening again about the rising profits of Western defence companies, let me underline that aid to Ukraine is not a matter of money, economy or profits – it is a matter of principle and solidarity.

But if one should want to pursue the economic discourse, we cannot but be reminded of the double standards employed in this debate. Russia has shifted into a full wartime economy itself, and is spending an estimated 30 % of its budget for building up arms. Arms used for attacks on a sovereign neighbouring country.  

This circle is not helping anyone and it should stop.

Thirdly. Hearing the Russian delegation speak about prospects for peace fills us up with hope. However, we would like to submit that every discussion about lasting peace starts and ends with the respect of international law, including the UN Charter.

In this connection, we look forward to the Peace Summit that is starting tomorrow in Switzerland.

Mr. President,

In order to secure the future of Ukraine, and as a matter of fact, other nations as well, this Council needs to step in and start building trust. We are ready to do our part.

I thank you.

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