War in Ukraine: an urgent need to adhere to the principles of the UN Charter

At the request of Slovenia and the US, the UN Security Council held a briefing on recent developments in Ukraine, including the Swiss-hosted Summit on Peace in Ukraine on 15 and 16 June. Ambassador Samuel Žbogar underlined that any peace begins and ends with the full respect for the UN Charter, international law and relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly.

“Without respecting the fundamental principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, there cannot be a lasting and sustainable peace,” said the Slovenian Representative to the UN Security Council in his statement. He hopes that the Russian Federation will demonstrate genuine willingness to end the war and engage in negotiations in good faith. The only way to achieve lasting peace in Ukraine is by having both parties to the conflict involved in a dialogue.

At the meeting, Slovenia urged the firm safeguarding of the international system with the UN Charter at its core. “The UN and its Charter are the glue that holds this post-war collective security together. It is in no one’s interest to see this system erode and collapse,” emphasized Ambassador Žbogar. He condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its blatant violation of the UN Charter causing immense suffering for the Ukrainian people. “For every day and week that diplomacy is postponed, drones are maiming civilians and ballistic missiles are destroying critical civilian infrastructure across Ukraine,” the Ambassador stressed.

The peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland provided a valuable opportunity to open peace discussions and explore initiatives towards peace. Slovenia expressed hope to bring discussions to the UN where they belong. The UN is ready to support all meaningful efforts aimed at ending the war in Ukraine.

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